Donate to PAC

What is TEXO PAC and What Does it Do?

It’s the Political Action Committee for the TEXO Chapter of the ABC & AGC, collecting voluntary contributions from concerned contractors and service provider members, for use in making political contributions to candidates running for state and local political positions.

Why does TEXO need a PAC?

The Texas State Legislature, City Councils and School Districts actions have a major impact on the construction business. It is important to elect members to these political positions who are willing to listen objectively to our concerns, understand them and act accordingly. Our opponents on important issues are powerful. They are spending major money to elect candidates who do not share our values and concerns and will fight our efforts to protect the construction industry

Why Does TEXO-PAC Need Me?

It is necessary for everyone to share the load. Political affairs that affect one contractor, affect all.

Isn’t This Merely Buying Politicians Votes?

Absolutely Not! Most candidates and officeholders are honorable people whose votes are not for sale. If they are going to be in a position to listen to our concerns, however, they must first get elected, and that is an expensive process. Those who receive TEXO-PAC and or state association PAC contributions are made aware that the contribution is from a constituent group of contractors and their associates – constituents who recognize their common interest in many public policy issues that affect their lives.

What Criteria Must a Candidate Meet to Receive Support?

If the Candidate is an incumbent their voting record and committee assignments are taken into consideration. 
All candidates’ philosophical agreement on a majority of TEXO and TBB-AGC & ABC of Texas issues, viability of their campaign and support from local contractor members determine the level of support given.

How Much Is Given To Each Candidate?

Contributions to individual candidates for local office range between $300 - $1000 and on the state level from $500 - $25,000 per candidate per election cycle or when requested.

Who Pays For The Operating Expenses of TEXO-PAC?

TEXO pays for all expenses. 100% of the funds contributed to the TEXO-PAC are used for candidate support. All funds contributed go to the candidates. TEXO assumes all administrative cost.

May I Use Company Funds?

No. Texas state law requires that all contributions to candidates for political office be made by personal funds. Corporate contributions for political office are forbidden.